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Outsourcing to Contract Packaging Services… A Good Idea or Not?

contract packaging servicesGoing lean in today’s hyper paced world means leveraging everything that’s available to you, especially as a manufacturer producing products be they for retail use or wholesale or to provide to a pit stop somewhere down the supply chain. Bottom line, what matters is that you gain maximum leverage over your production cycle. That’s the whole concept of lean. Focus in on what you do best, and be so good at it that you are as competitive as possible. Allocate your resources toward what you do best and then partner up with third parties that can come in and provide services they do best i.e., contract packaging services.

So what is the upside of outsourcing your packaging needs?

  • Logistics – many contract packaging companies handle your fulfillment for you. Not having to think about just in time delivery to your customers is one less thing on your plate so you can focus your resources on production
  • It’s their specialty – remember when aiming for lean, focus on what you do. Outsourcing your finished product to a third party that can handle labels, counts, weight, etc. that all takes equipment and expertise. To develop that on your end is simply inefficient!
  • ISO – most packaging companies are certified for ISO 9001 (and some also for AS9100) which means that you can feel confident in sending them your goods. They will follow a strict protocol to ensure that your requirements are met. Be sure to ask for proof that anyone you are considering that they prove they are registered and certified
  • Cost Savings and Customer Satisfaction – after all it’s what we’re after in lean so why not mention it? Using good outsourcers is a surefire way to keep your costs down. A trusted supply chain partner means deliver is met locally or worldwide and that your solid reputation is preserved!
  • Take it from my years of experience. Finding good solid partnerships when it comes to fulfillment is always worth the trouble. You can’t go wrong and the options are plentiful.

Lean Manufacturing Implementing

manufactuing assemblyExecuting the Lean Manufacturing Strategy

Before we discuss ways to execute the much discussed corporate planning technique called lean manufacturing, let us first define exactly what it is.

Lean manufacturing is a mix of approaches that, when assembled, aims to remove the all the typical practices that are viewed as completely unnecessary and lengthy. Such are called wastes, like overproduction, long waiting times, transport and consistent movement, which not only take up valuable time however are likewise a drag on resources, energy and expenses.

Simply put, implementing lean production has the reduction of costs in mind. And this is done, ironically, by first making sacrifices on the techniques that have actually been in result in lots of companies for decades now.

Sound like an unsafe plan? Some business believe it is, however when you truly take a look at its long term benefits, you will discover that implementing lean production will bring greater value to your business than the procedures that have already been implanted. After all, modification is commonly for the better. You simply have to open your eyes and welcome it.

Implementing the lean manufacturing program is best for business that have output and manufacturing as their primary source of revenue. Such companies put a prime on maximizing all their human and tool resources in order to accomplish their target output degrees without having to spend too much.

This is where the principles of lean manufacturing are most useful.

Prevailing financial conditions frequently leave companies scampering for clients. Growing competition are requiring manufacturers to lower their charges just to be able to get ahead, that’s why such firms are trying to find book methods to decrease their manufacturing costs and enhance turn-around times. When companies have to enhance effectiveness and generate revenue, lean production is frequently what is implemented.

Implementing lean production methods has been discovered efficient in the survival and success of a business or an organization. This is since of the ‘removal of 7 wastes’ approach this program upholds.

For a shorter version, exactly what lean manufacturing aims to instruct is the on time, at the correct time and at the right amount approach to production. For example, producing too much that what is required is commonly destructive to a company. Sure, it shows that targets have actually not just been accomplished, but grossly gone beyond. But this does not always entail success.

Carrying out lean manufacturing systems suggests that there must no waste. That is, no unneeded stockpiles that might simply sit at stockrooms and left to rot. If you produce more than meant, this is what will likely happen to your stock.

You’ll take up storehouse area and see the items get used by time. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the ability to dispose of the unwanteds, however they will not likely be offered at their initial cost because, well, they’ll be thought about old stocks or overruns.

Prior to you plan to carry out lean production methods, it’s finest to be prepared. Critics are not kidding when they say that lean manufacturing is rather challenging, due to the fact that the initial preparations can, certainly, prevent you from pressing through.

However, consider the long term gains you will get from this system. If you provide advantages and disadvantages, you will find that the advantages will significantly surpass the laborious preparations and planning by a long shot. Once you’ve set what has to be altered and exactly what needs to be eliminated, implementing ought to be a piece of cake.

Of course you have to be completely honest with yourself when it comes to implementation. If your organization needs to be up to international standards in order to be in compliance with your customer’s requirements as is often the case in the aerospace industry, then it would probably make sense to get third party assistance from a reputable AS9100 consulting company or company that specializes in the sort of quality management that your customers require in order to continue doing business with you.

Best of luck!

Quality Management: Organizational Needs

Any company out there can take advantage of quality management. Whether you are producing baby bottles, assembling wire harnessing kits, or configuring computer devices, there is little doubt that they require to be of the highest levels of quality. Yet, as your business grows, you will discover it further challenging to manage quality management. Since it is so extremely important, though, you need to find a method to see to that it is dead on.

Exactly what options are out there?

You know that you need quality management system consulting but discovering the most effective method to obtain it could appear hard. The excellent news is that there are a multitude of alternatives that can help you. From organizations that concentrate on quality management to software application programs that you can utilize. You can purchase having your personnel and managerial levels of employees practiced more efficiently to produce the desired results as well. So, there are alternatives out there to help practically any organization get the quality management that they require.

Exactly what good will it do?

Do you ever get the feeling that you are investing penny after penny into your business whether it is with advertising or improving effectiveness and somehow you still need something more? It can be that your product is not the same inside and out. If you provide to your consumer one hundred percent of the very same product time and time once more, they will understand that they can rely on you and they’ll keep returning. It takes time, yes. It takes cash too. However, quality management is a benefit to you many times over no matter what type of product or service you provide.

Purchasing quality management in one form or another is an exceptional means to get the items and services that you produce to the consumers in a way in which they will be delighted about. It will supply you with the assistance that you have to take your business to the next level also. Considerations in quality management should be made.